Criminal law

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As an indication, please find below a non-exhaustive list of the main topics covered by the firm:

  • Representation before police court, correctional court, assize court ...
  • Contraventions: traffic violations, threats, light violence ...
  • Offenses (theft, abuse of weakness, forgery ...) and crimes (voluntary homicide, rape ...)
  • Assistance in custody, assistance before the Examining Judge
  • Criminal business law: tax evasion, abs, illegal take of interests
  • General criminal law: defense of perpetrators and victims of criminal offenses
  • Press law and litigation of defamation and privacy
​​​​​​​The firm can assist you on the different branches of criminal law which are:

Mr. Roquefeuil has been a member of the criminal bar since 2010 after having attended the Paris Bar School of Criminal Defence.

Availability and reactivity. Consultation by phone or by appointment.

General criminal law: defence of perpetrators and victims of criminal offences

In general criminal law matters, the firm intervenes before all criminal courts, whether at the time of police custody if it takes place, before the investigating judge or investigating chamber, or before the trial courts, i. e. the police court, the criminal court and the criminal court, as well as before specialised courts such as the juvenile court and the juvenile criminal court.

The intervention of a criminal law lawyer such as Pierre Roquefeuil, who works mainly in Paris and its region, allows us to understand the stakes involved in the proceedings, how they are conducted and to make the right defence choices.

If you wish to file a complaint against the perpetrator of an offence, or if you are summoned to court as a victim, the firm can also assist you in order to assert your rights as effectively as possible.

Business criminal law

The manager of a company may be prosecuted in criminal proceedings, in particular in cases of tax fraud, abuse of corporate assets or trust, forgery and use of forgeries or corruption.

He may also be implicated if the company under his management does not respect the safety and hygiene standards or working conditions of employees. When an employee's occupational accident or disease occurs for these reasons, the manager may be held directly liable, not as a legal person, but as a natural person.

Criminal law also punishes managers for reselling products at a loss, or for counterfeiting.

Press Law

Press law, defamation and privacy litigation covers any means of public communication, online or offline. Many media are involved: the Internet press, television, radio, periodicals and printed newspapers.

The main offences identified in this area are defamation, insult and invasion of privacy. But disputes relating to the right of reply are also part of the traditional requests addressed to the firm of Pierre Roquefeuil

The firm may act in the context of an emergency procedure in summary proceedings for the prohibition of the distribution of a medium deemed by its client to be infringing. This is to prevent the dissemination of sensitive or confidential information.

Questions surrounding the right to exploit and purchase images are also among the key topics of press law.