Our activity in new technologies law is mainly focused on legal advice to companies evolving (or facing a problem) in the field of IT, software, web, e-commerce, media, personal data... We intervene for example on subjects such as :

  • Elaboration of design, hosting, maintenance, outsourcing contracts
  • Representation before all judicial or arbitral tribunals, CNIL, ARCEP...
  • Assistance in the implementation of sponsorship contracts and partnerships
  • Drafting of General Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions and legal notices for websites, software, IT services
  • Litigation: use of a third party's image, misleading practices, comparative advertising
  • Information systems security and personal data protection
  • Drafting of competition rules, setting up advertising network contracts
  • Advice and assistance in drafting computer contracts, software, internet, telecom
  • Actions in unfair competition and parasitism
  • Assistance in litigation in IT and advertising law

Broadly speaking, the main subjects dealt with by the firm are as follows:

Droit de l'internet

Specialization in "Information and Communication Technology Law" accredited by the National Bar Council.

Recent references :
RGP legal audits of the BSO, SIA and SPA groups

After having followed industrial and technological groups in business law, Mr. Roquefeuil has developed litigation expertise in intellectual property law, information and communication technologies, and is liable for criminal prosecution.

Approved by the Bar Association as entitled to supervise Data Protection Officers.

Information technology law

We are at your disposal to offer you our services and assist you in all your projects and disputes.

As an indication, please find below a non-exhaustive list of the main topics covered by the firm:

  • Assistance in litigation in computer law and advertising law
  • Writing CGV, CGU and legal notices of websites, software, IT services
  • Development of design contracts, hosting, maintenance, outsourcing
  • Consulting and assistance in drafting computer contracts, software, internet, telecom
  • Litigation: third-party image use, deceptive practices, comparative advertising
  • Representation before any judicial or arbitral tribunal, CNIL, ARCEP ...
  • Assistance in setting up sponsorship contracts and partnerships
  • Actions in unfair competition and parasitism
  • Security of information systems and protection of personal data
  • Drafting of contest rules, setting up advertising agency contracts

Computer and telecommunications law

- Advice and assistance in negotiating and drafting IT, software and Internet contracts
- Assistance and representation before all judicial or arbitral tribunals, CNIL, ARCEP...
- Personal data protection, RGPD, Data Protection Officer, CNIL declarations...
- Drafting of technical contracts: design, hosting, maintenance, outsourcing, etc.
- Drafting of legal notices, terms and conditions of websites, software, IT services.

Advertising law

- Assistance in the implementation of sponsorship contracts and partnerships;
- Advertising space purchase contract;
- Drafting of contest rules and regulations;
- Setting up advertising network contracts;
- Litigation relating to the use of a third party's image / trademark;
- Misleading practices and comparative advertising;
- General conditions of use and sale;
- Advertising documentation & commercial prospecting.

IT security and data protection

The Firm deals with issues related to the security of the dematerialization of exchanges and data, as well as those related to the protection of personal or confidential data. We deal with the following topics:

- Data Protection Officer (DPO) and RGPD;
- LCEN and issues related to consent (opt'in);
- Information systems security;
- Theft and use of banking information;
- Press or blog article damaging the reputation of an individual or company;
- Distribution of photos or videos that infringe on privacy;
- Denigration of a company or person on the Internet;
- Right to forget and problems of dereferencing
- Confidentiality of data on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)